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QAinAL_Study visit of the Albanian Accreditation Agency in Salzburg held on 4-5 April 2018

Prishtinë, 13/04/2018 - 13:24

Within the framework of the QAinAL project, funded by Erasmus+, a study visit of the Albanian Accreditation Agency was held during 4-5 April, 2018.

During the study visit, on the first day, the Albanian representatives met with Mr. Wageneder from Quality Assurance Office, as well as with Mr. Mader from the Career Center. During the day, there was a meeting with Prof. Kok from the political Sciences and students from the Western Balkans studying in Salzburg.
On the second day, the participants met with Mr. Posch, from the quality assurance office. During the meeting they discussed about the plagiarism check practices in the University of Salzburg. The second meeting of the day was with Mrs. Egger, related to the research documents. The participants also had a meeting at the Natural Sciences Faculty and in the School of Education with Mrs. Greiner and Prof. Peter Eckl, related to the quality assurance practices. 
Moreover, present in the study visit were representatives of the Albanian Accreditation Agency and representatives of University of Salzburg.